The man sitting by the fountain took off his pants and started throwing money around. I found a $50 bill and gave it to the police which took him away; hopefully it helped.

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Entrancing Explosions

Glittering eyes watch the China fireworks in the 2008 world fireworks display.

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Sparkling Inlet

From the Lion's Gate, to the pile of yellow, to the Ironworker and on to the ports and downtown.

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74 images from 3 locations 50mm SMC Takumar 24s + 6s f8 + kamikaze pull to f1.4 100iso

Relaxing Rocks

The sky slips into a colourful veil; settling Vancouver into a slumber.

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Under the Trans Canada Highway on the boundary between Vancouver and Burnaby; piles of items are homes about to be evicted.

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Blossoming View

Let us never forget how fun it is to climb trees on a nice spring day.

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