Golden Goat seeks the Sage

In Osoyoos, where the Sage lives, the Golden Goat traverses over the rocks. Continuing to seek what the world has lost.

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Golden Goat and the Holey Rollers

In every corner of the world, there are militia. Those choosing violence over peace. Hate over love.

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Golden Goat VS the Jawbone

In the episode of the Golden Goat, it comes face to face with a jaw bone left by some long gone giant.

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Golden Goat on the Fence

Golden Goat takes a perilous path across the fence. Away from the lights, towards the unknown.

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Golden Goat stops for a snack

At the local watering hole, Golden Goat stop to eat a seed.

To grow, you have to eat.

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Golden Goat on the edge

The Golden Goat traverses the edge of the wood pile, finding the paper that starts everything.

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