Point Grey Dusk

Four takes on the same sunset, taken over the span of an hour. 1400 degrees horizontally by 33 degrees vertically.
If you look, you can see the tide slowly creeping up. I got a double salt water soaker making this shot, but I think it was worth it. :D

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210 images 35mm Super Takumar f5.6 + f4 1/16 - 30s 100 - 320iso

From City To Sea

Our good friends got married at the end of this dock one fine summer day. No one realized how hard walking the boardwalk in heels would be. Steps were carefully taken into the future.

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Tiny Travellers

Its all according to perspective.

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Under the Trans Canada Highway on the boundary between Vancouver and Burnaby; piles of items are homes about to be evicted.

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Relaxing Rocks

The sky slips into a colourful veil; settling Vancouver into a slumber.

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Transit Before The Alarm Clock

After a night of not sleeping; the city starts to wake up and come alive.

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