Nautical Dawn

Parked here with the intention of getting some sleep. At about 3:30am, awoke to see the beginnings of dawn. Combination of 30 second and 15 second exposures.

63 megapixels
20 images 35mm Super Takumar f5.6 30s + 15s 100 iso

Deep Cove After Sunrise

Sometimes, after a long night of drinking and an uphill hike, sleeping in the morning sun is mandatory.

47 megapixels
28mm Super Takumar f5.6, 1/125 + 1/500 31 Images

Transit Before The Alarm Clock

After a night of not sleeping; the city starts to wake up and come alive.

136 megapixels
11 megapixels

First Light

Dawn of the last day of Shambhala people wearily make their way back to their places of sleep.

100 megapixels
10mm Fisheye