Nautical Dawn

Parked here with the intention of getting some sleep. At about 3:30am, awoke to see the beginnings of dawn. Combination of 30 second and 15 second exposures.

63 megapixels
20 images 35mm Super Takumar f5.6 30s + 15s 100 iso

Three Boats

Three boats at rest in French Creek harbour.

29 megapixels

Market Closing

Watching the people pack up their things from above.

120 megapixels

City Retreat

The city starts to glow as the sun goes down.

112 megapixels

Massive Tiny Boats

Although these ships coming into port are massive; they are dwarfed against the mountains.

89 megapixels

Boats Docked By Granville Island

Bobbing gracefully in the calm water.

142 megapixels